Manslinger wore white last night and came to flirt. She flirted with Billy Bush, she flirted throughout the off camera mingle sessions, she flirted at the Weinstein afterparty. In the end she went home empty legged, but it won’t be long. Kate Hudson will hook up soon.

In the meantime, this white dress, the material – what remarkable material: it doesn’t fold, it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s like some NASA sh-t cut into a dress. And to Michelle it looked familiar. Michelle remembered Nicole Kidman. And so it was.

Granny Freeze Oscars 2004. In silver, remember? When Gran’s receding hairline was at its worst? Bird feather tits along the chest. That was 6 years ago. It was Chanel. And this time on Hudson its...


Photos from Fayesvision/ and Bruce Murphy/