I know.

I hated writing that too. But after combing through the photo agencies looking at pictures from last night’s NY premiere of The Killer Inside Me, the thought that kept coming to mind was: Goddamn Kate Hudson is annoying me.

It’s the lipstick, it’s the hair, it’s that loud ass f-cking coat, it’s the posing, and the too extra camera flirting – ordinarily she can do it with little effort, very naturally, beguilingly, but for some reason, last night Kate Hudson showed up with so much Try. And Kate Hudson shouldn’t need to Try. I mean f-ck... she’s Kate Hudson.

Maybe it’s all the tit talk. Maybe it’s because people called her fat/accused her of being pregnant last week. Whatever the reason, she decided to bring it too hard last night. And in the process managed to make Jessica Alba the less grating between the two of them. I am most angry at Kate for this.

Alba as you can see is working some new extensions. And her face seems washed out. The dress however is lovely. And spring. And a nice alternative to Kate’s obnoxiousness.

As for The Killer Inside Me, Casey Affleck plays a sociopath murderer and the movie has prompted violent opposition from test audiences and critics on one side and artistic defence from the film community on the other. There was a rumour that Alba herself walked out of a Sundance screening which has since been retracted (Source).

A five minute video promo for the film is below. It’s VERY graphic, not suitable for work. Please use caution.

Photos from Wenn.com and Turgeon/Rocke/Splashnewsonline.com and Bryan Bedder/Gettyimages.com