Tom Brady seemed extra-efficient on Sunday during last week’s marquee match up, making it look totally routine against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Poor Tony’s expression on the sidelines as he watched Tom put on a clinic was adorable. Or maybe, for both QBs, it all had absolutely nothing to do with football?

Kate Hudson was a guest of the New England Patriots that day, first joining Patriots owner Robert Kraft in the owner’s box and then heading down to the bench. As you can see, per usual, she looks effortlessly amazing. And no matter the focus, it had to be a distraction.

Can you imagine? Tom Brady and Kate Hudson? Kate cutting off Gisele? Then again, given her romantic record, he’s too good looking. Kate likes ‘em unorthodox. And Kate is also supposedly single, amid rumours she’d had enough of Dax Shephard and told him to beat it.

BUT...the plot thickens. The game was played in Dallas, Texas. (Irving if you want to get specific) Owen Wilson is from Dallas, Texas.

Coincidence or conspiracy???