I concede – for a while there he had his 15 minutes. On Kimmel, doing a side-splitting imitation of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch, Dane Cook was hilarious. But that’s it, you know? It’s tired. It’s the same old. He’s a college circuit comedian period. And the clock is ticking…as evidenced this weekend by the box office slaughter of his new film Good Luck Chuck by the eventual winner Resident Evil. Especially given the hype and promotion Dane and the Alba Demon put into it, coming in #2 and sinking quickly is a huge embarrassment.

So why has Kate Hudson agreed to do a movie with him???

These are shots from the set, the film is called Bachelor No 2, and the premise is straight up stupid. His name alone is enough to tell you that.

Dane plays a dude called Tank. Tank. He is asked by his buddy to date his buddy’s ex and act like a schmuck to make the ex (Kate) seem like a dreamboat.

Seriously…this isn’t even a dvd rental. This is a Sunday night tv movie on TBS. You know the day before going back to work Monday, you need something to wind down your weekend, you decide to stare at the tv for an hour before heading to bed? That about sums up the value of Bachelor No 2.

And it’s a huge mistake for Kate Hudson.

PS. Have I mentioned she has my dream body? Thin but athletic and toned and no tits at all. I would give away my breasts for no breast…does that make sense?

PPs. Yes. Because of her.