Does it feel to you like Kate Hudson has been on a non-stop promotional tour the entire year? She’s never not everywhere. And yesterday she was at Kimmel. When I saw these pictures of her my first thought was…

What now?

The book was out a month ago. Is there a movie?

There is.

Mother’s Day.

I totally forgot she was in it. And if I were her, I wouldn’t be mad about that. Mother’s Day looks…

Let me put it this way. Not to get all boring inside baseball but at the end of every month, Sarah sends me a list of all the movies that will be released the next month. And we go over them together and decide which ones she’ll see for reviews to be posted on the site. When I kept Mother’s Day on the list Sarah’s response was, basically, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

Sort of. But also, I just couldn’t wait to read what she would write.

Anyway, she went to the screening this week. And texted me last night. I was not disappointed:

Sarah’s review of Mother’s Day will be posted later this week, if she’s still speaking to me.