Kate Hudson was on with James Corden last night. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Anders Holm were the other guests. As far as I know, Kate is not promoting a movie. She seems to be promoting her lifestyle, specifically fitness. I think? Because there was a lot of talk about exercising in this interview and then she shows them her favourite move and they all get down on the floor to do the “clam”. I love how game ATJ is for this. 

Kate and James also dance with toddlers and that video is below but, to be honest, I don’t care about any of it – the workouts, the babies, none of it, because all of that is just a segue to me telling you about the gossip I heard about Kate. There have been a lot of rumours about Kate and Brad Pitt. The latest is that they’ve moved in together. Gossip Cop just shut that down earlier today. Kate and Brad could happen eventually, sure. It hasn’t…but that doesn’t mean it won’t. What may have already happened though is Kate Hudson and Glen Powell. Glen Powell can currently be seen as John Glenn in an awesome movie called Hidden Figures, which happens to be the #1 movie at the box office… have you seen it yet??!?

I liked him a lot in Everybody Wants Some!! and when we came out of Hidden Figures a couple of weeks ago, I said to Duana and Emily that “that Glen Powell is hot”. Duana, Emily, and I don’t usually agree on attraction but it was unanimous that day – he is sexy as f-ck in that role. Anyway, I heard a rumour from a very solid source this week that Kate and Glen were hooking up, past tense, and are no longer hooking up. The connection there is her brother, Wyatt Russell. He was in Everybody Wants Some!! with Glen. Glen Powell is another reason why Scott Eastwood is not necessary. Why haven’t Kate Hudson and Scott Eastwood happened yet?