After the paps shot Kate Hudson and her Something Borrowed co-star Colin Eggelsfield acting like a couple while filming, unimaginative gossips speculated that there must be something real life romantic between the two of them. As I noted last week, it’s too obvious. Manslinger rarely messes with the obvious in her personal life. No, she reserves the predictable for her movies and keeps her conquests a little more unexpected.

Would Matt Bellamy be considered unexpected? He is the lead singer of Muse. She was photographed with him in New York about a month ago (first photo attached) and then she took off to London for a couple of undercover days this past weekend, mysteriously no public appearances, resulting in just a few reports on Twitter that the two were sighted together yet again.

See? Kate Hudson doesn’t f-cking pine. And definitely not over that loser Alex Rodriguez. Please. Now why can’t Cameron Diaz figure out that he’s a worthless douche?

Kate is now back onset in New York, happily shooting outside today with several costume changes. Meanwhile, Cammie and A-Rod apparently had lunch in the city, but she snuck out the back to avoid photographers.

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