Kate Hudson with her gorgeous brother Oliver at the Laker games last night and not a trace of makeup. Compare and contrast with that mutt-faced Tori Spelling and her golddigging loser of a husband Kevin Federline Jr. Her blush looks like a f-ckin’ bruise!

So Kate looks clammy and flu-stricken and still INFINITELY more attractive that KFed Jr’s paycheque. But he’s not in it for the money…

Anyway, re: your emails about Kate and Owen Wilson. First, please. They were not engaged. As for whether or not they are still f-cking, two months seems to be the threshold before whatever it is that doesn’t work doesn’t work all over again.

Time to mansling?

It’s summer. Everyone knows single for the summer.

Photos from Kevin Reece/London Ent /Splashnewsonline.com