Kate Hudson supported her ma at the annual Goldie’s Love In For Kids the other night. I don’t know what Goldie’s wearing but it’s amazing and I won’t hear a word against it.

As for Kate, at one point during the event, she got up on stage and sang Nothing Compares 2U. She also posted it on Instagram which means she wants you to hear her singing Nothing Compares 2U because she thinks she sounds good.


✨✨✨✨✨ #NothingCompares2U #GoldiesLoveIn @prince @officialgoldiehawn @davidfoster 🙏

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And now everyone’s like, OMG Kate Hudson is an amazing singer! But that’s what they do, didn’t you know?

They have lifestyle brands. They write lifestyle books. And…they sing! This is exactly Gwyneth Paltrow too. Gwyneth sang in Duets. She sang backup for Jay Z at Royal Albert Hall. She sang with a guitar – live! – at the CMAs for Country Strong. Interestingly, Gwyneth and Ryan Murphy are developing a TV show together called One Hit Wonders, about three women who were one hit wonders going on 15 years since their hit songs coming together to form an “inspirational” super-group. Gwyneth, Kate, and Reese?