Kate Hudson was at the Hollywood Film Awards last night. I'm sure there was an official reason for her to be there but the unofficial reason, as we've seen over and over again the last few years, is that she'll show up. The other thing we've been seeing with increasing frequency is Kate Hudson singing. On social media. At charity galas. And now she's doing birthday parties.

Here's video of Kate on stage at David Foster's birthday party on Friday night with Seal and John Mayer:

Would Kate Hudson and John Mayer ever be a possibility? Have we talked about this already? I feel like no hookup in Hollywood is ever new anymore. One way or another they've all made their way around each other.

But anyway, Kate and John, who was most recently seen making moves on Demi Lovato seem kinda obvious, non? Why WOULDN'T they? Oh right, she's friends with Katy Perry. And...why would that matter? In this town, they'd cut a friend for a role in a movie so I'm not sure that's a defence that stands up.

But while we're talking about a circle of friends, Jennifer Aniston is also a member of this club. And Kate joked recently on Howard Stern that she's aiming for Brad Pitt. It was a joke at the time, totally. Still. STILL. There are many people I've talked to who didn't entirely laugh it off.

You remember before she hooked up with Matt Bellamy a few years ago, there was a report out of US Weekly that Kate's first target was Thom Yorke? Thom and his longtime partner were solid at the time so Kate redirected and ended up with Matt. But you could look at that as an example of how she goal sets her romances. Brad Pitt is single. Some would say he's still a major "catch". Just something to keep in mind.