Kate Hudson and her parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell went for a bike ride with boyfriend Matt Bellamy the other day in Santa Monica. Kate as you can see is wearing her New England Patriots cap. She’s a good friend of Mr Kraft.

I have a friend who will not introduce her boyfriend to her parents. Any boyfriend. The only time that happens is when marriage happens. Manslinger is the opposite. Everyone meets the parents. Which means it’s not exactly a reliable gauge as to how serious she is. Not to say that she and Bellamy aren’t serious – because they are very – only that using this little outing as evidence of such isn’t really all that telling.

Anyway the real reason I’m writing this article though is that for a couple of weeks now I’ve been looking for a segue to include the video below that several of you – thank you! – have been kind enough to send over of Kate on The Rachel Zoe Project singing in the back of the car after the Burberry show. It’s just 3 minutes, really, that you need to watch but it’s back to back to back amazingness with some fontrum and more amazingness and spliced in together that I guarantee have you smirking the entire time.

Especially the closed eye singing. Eyes. Closed. Singing. Which will undoubtedly make you extremely uncomfortable and extremely amused at the same time, followed by Rachel’s sigh:

I love when you sing.

Because this must happen all the time!!!

Mostly though it’s how the conversation just keeps rolling. This is how they talk to each other. The stylist sycophant and the “free spirit” celebrity caressing each other’s asses. I love it so much I could watch an entire hour of it.

Start at 2:30 and you can stop at 5:40.

Photos from Flynetonline.com