My favourite video of the day. It’s full of double entendres and such. 

Kate Hudson was in London last week promoting her movie A Little Bit of Heaven. She appeared on the Graham Norton Show (a little overdressed, right?) as part of her media tour. Norton asked her about her crush on Tom Cruise. She’s cute about it, and his pee pee too, and, well, that Norton’s a sly motherf-cker. It’s a light 3 minutes while you’re cleaning. 

And it’s also an excuse to post old pics. Here’s Kate with Tom Cruise at the Golden Globes TEN YEARS AGO, like, exactly, where she won for Almost Famous. And just two weeks before he and Nicole Kidman announced their divorce on February 5, 2001, a month and a half after their 10 year wedding anniversary. Gossip Nostalgia! 

Kate meanwhile was just a month into her marriage to Chris Robinson when Tom presented her the award. She says she used to have a massive crush on Tom. If she’d been single when he was single, would she have been on the List of Potentials? Perhaps. But given Kate’s family, the free-loving, free-living Hawn-Russell household, Xenu would have rejected her in the early rounds of competition for sure. Can you imagine trying to force Kate Hudson into Scientological servitude? 

Also attached – Kate and Tom at a party in June 2004. She’d just given birth to her son 5 months prior.


Source NY Post
Photos from SGranitz/J. Vespa/