Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy went out for a walk today in London. Cute, right? I like her ring more than Jessica Biel’s.

Kate is expected to start shooting her next film, Everly, in May. She plays a woman hunted down by a gangster who happens to be her former lover. He sends all his top guns to kill her. She has to fight them off...and the twist is that all of it goes down in one room.

Well...that doesn’t sound like How To Lose The Bride Wars Fool’s Good Borrowed In Heaven, does it?

Not at all.

Apparently Kate Hudson has decided she wants to be an action star. According to the producers, "When we heard that Kate wanted to make the transition into an action star, we knew we had found our Everly. The physicality and intensity of this role will be transformative for her.”

As you know, there are few viable female action stars. There are female actors who can play parts in action movies, but how many female lead action stars can open an action movie?

You don’t want to say her name, do you?

I just find it really, really, REALLY intriguing that Kate Hudson’s big career play is to move into Angelina Jolie’s territory. Great that Kate Hudson won’t be making the same movie over and over again with Matthew McConaughey. But will you buy her as an asskicker?

When I’m the Dean of the Faculty of Celebrity Studies at a liberal arts university somewhere in New England, we are making this a priority case study.