I'm about to moan about my tits again. If you don't like it my vodka says sorry. It's not like I don't appreciate a great rack - of course I do. If Salma Hayek wants to yell profanities at me in Spanish wearing just her bra I'm lining up.

But there are advantages and disadvantages to full and flat.

And the flat advantage is wearing what Kate Hudson wore to a Fashion Week last night. A low cut jumpsuit without a bra.

I want.

But anyone beyond a b can't pull this off without looking obscene. On Kate there is no obscenity. Is that a word? I'm too foggy to remember. And I don't have a dictionary on my blackberry. Or do I?

Last night I used my blackberry as a flashlight. Very useful in heels.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com