It’s well known that Kate Hudson has a strained relationship with her father Bill Hudson. She makes a point of calling Kurt Russell the real pa in her life. Apparently the two are mending fences. Here’s Kate in London the other night at the wrap party for Nine. Her date was dad.

Am looking forward to seeing her in Nine. Will be a nice change of pace from the same movie she keeps making over and over and over again.

Speaking of…

Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway opens 2nd week of January. Last year, if memory serves, 27 Dresses, another dumbass of the same genre, with that ungrateful asstalker Katherine Heigl was released around the same time and made a killing. What is it about the beginning of the year and stupid chick flicks? And, publicly at least, why has it been over six months since Manslinger slung a man?

She needs to skew younger. How ‘bout a little James Franco action?

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