Kate Hudson’s dress is bringing up the breast conversation. We’ve been having it for a couple of months now. Click here and click here for previous entries. Specifically about breast taste. And how different people prefer different breast positions. As I’ve mentioned, I prefer the uni-boob. I like them pushed together in a sports bra. Others prefer the breasts – in clothes, I mean – to be separated.

I just feel like the way I like breasts, in one formation, uni-boob styles, would have been so much better for this dress.

As for the actual dress, it’s nice. It would be nicer if it wasn’t baby f-cking blue. But it’s nice. You know what’s interesting though?

Some people can elevate a dress. Make an ordinary one more special. Kate Hudson used to have that quality. Lately? Lately I feel like she’s turning good dresses into boring ones.