Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson were divorced in 2007 and at the time reached a joint custody agreement of their son, Ryder. Chris is now challenging the terms of the agreement. Ryder is 12 years old. Here they are on Monday leaving an office building in LA. According to E! News:

“…both Hudson and Robinson agreed that an evaluator will be assigned from the court to perform a child custody evaluation, issue a written report and make recommendations for developing a parenting plan that addresses legal custody and physical custody, including where Ryder shall reside and visitation orders based on interest on child.

They also agreed that the evaluator will have access to doctor-patient and psychotherapist-patient privilege during the evaluation process as well as access to health, mental health, education, employment and other similar records for both Hudson and Chris.

Furthermore, if deemed advisable by the evaluator, both parents (including Ryder) may have to submit to drug and alcohol testing and psychological testing.

Finally, the documents state Hudson will be responsible for paying the $7,500 fee that comes along with the evaluation.”

So it’s been 10 years. And Ryder’s about to be a teenager and, presumably, more independent. And now, for whatever reason, Chris Robinson wants the custody agreement changed…are your smutty senses tingling? Like, if things were fine, why would they need to be re-evaluated legally? They’re And if it’s Chris who’s asking for the re-evaluation and they already have joint custody, what does it mean on Kate’s end? Watch this space. Because I feel like there has to be more coming…