Kate Hudson was all over New York the past couple of days doing some promotion for… I don’t know… Ann Taylor, maybe? Her clothes have been amazing. There was a pair of great black pants and zippered booties. And then a wicked half white coat and a Broncos toque …but look at THOSE FLATS. That was yesterday.

Today. Jesus. Black and blue at the airport with a houndstooth shirt underneath and I would wear this every.single.day on The Social if I could.

Really? All of this is Ann Taylor?

Anyway, in other Kate Hudson news, she says she and fiancé Matt Bellamy have no plans to marry. She told Kelly & Michael that:

"No, I'm planning nothing right now. I'm so busy, we've been so busy and it's been great. I come from an unconventional family -- they're not married, my parents aren't married. So there's a part of me that goes, if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. And I'm going to take the time to really plan it right . . . And it's a lot. Planning a wedding is a lot! I mean, I did a movie about planning a wedding and that was a lot, let alone actually planning a wedding! So, no. Not anytime soon, no."

Why would she have to plan the wedding?