Somewhere between Brange-Aniston and LeAnne-Eddie-Brandi lives Kate Mara/Max Minghella/Justin Long. Maybe only 3 of you care about this but since Mara is in House Of Cards and everyone is talking about House Of Cards, it may be more interesting than you think. It’s interesting to me because I was one of the few who actually saw Ten Years. It wasn’t bad, you know. And also, Oscar Isaac is in it so what else do I need to tell you.

In Ten Years, Minghella and Justin Long play best friends. They’re in nearly every single scene together. And were supposedly close off camera too. Minghella and Mara had been dating for years. But then last summer, it was reported that Kate and Justin were together. Awkward, right? Three months later though, it came out that Mara and Minghella were holding hands, a couple again, and that she’d left Long to go back to Max. Celebrities really are just like us.

You think they all still talk?

Here are Kate and Max in New York together yesterday. You know what I really like about her? She has a great voice.