It must be incredibly laborious to be a Mara sister. Being so aloof and self-possessed is not easy (for these two). I look at someone like Tilda Swinton, who is always the baddest bitch in the room, and it is easy for her. She’s just cool. Rooney and Kate strike me as the types who would bring a bottle of Chardonnay to a kegger and think it was so sophisticated. They’re determined to be Serious Actresses and behave accordingly (not posing on the red carpet together, for starters), but there are glimpses of effort.

With that, Kate Mara recently changed her hair to a blonde bob and said, “I was just ready to not be — this sounds really cheesy — but I didn’t want to be defined by my hair color.” (Source)

Some actresses do have imitable hair moments -- Winona’s pixie and The Rachel come to mind. You could ask for Gwyneth’s socialite blonde or Blake Lively’s bed-head texture and your stylist would likely know what you mean. But are women storming hair salons asking for the “Kate Mara”? I had to read through the article to even remember what her hair looked like (and I watched the first season of House of Cards). It’s an interesting glimpse into the narcissism and insecurity that grips some actresses; Mara acknowledges that her reasoning is “cheesy” but she can’t help sharing it anyways.

Is that what she (and many of them) need to tell themselves to get through the rejection that comes with being an actor, even a very good one? “I’m being passed over for the best parts because of my hair/my height/my weight/my age….” It’s an understandable form of self-preservation, but at this point in her career Kate needn’t worry about being defined by her hair colour or anything else. To be “defined” you have to have something – a role, a look, a relationship – that captivates people. Kate’s not an It Girl, which could serve her well in the long run. In the meantime, she has to watch her peers rack up the prestigious film projects. But the timing makes this proactive image control a bit… premature.

Attached – Kate Mara in London promoting House Of Cards.