This might be my favourite look from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s Prada. And I love where they put the bow, right at the neckline. Nicely accessorised with a green clutch and a bangle. And well fit through the body which helps balance out the structure in the sleeves. Would have been curious to see this on Carey Mulligan, a Prada girl, but that’s never happening anymore.

And another good example of Celebrity Style Hierarchy. House Of Cards was a success for Netflix, sure. But Kate Mara’s not headlining films. But she has access to the major labels. It’s family money, sure. But you can also see the preference at play. Prada would rather dress Kate Mara on an online television show than Julianne Hough, the leading lady for both Rock Of Ages (a movie) and Safe Haven (another movie).