Really don’t understand her devotion to these shoes. They’re SO low classy. But Kate Mara wore them last year at the Emmys – click here for a refresher – and she’s doing it again this year with a different strap. Toes get squished together in heels, we know. But do we need to SEE? No one’s toes look attractive when they’re jammed up inside a shoe under plastic or leather or mesh. Not even Gisele Bundchen.

The dress? It’s messy. But I understand why she picked it – for the back. Still, if only 2 percent of the photos are taken of the back, is it worth the business at the front? When the front isn’t particularly remarkable?

Anyway, whatever, what I really want to say here, and the reason we put this post and the Lena Dunham/Allison Williams posts together, is that the Emmys is one of the few occasions where the UNDER 30 year old woman doesn’t get centre stage. Television is where women can age in complicated and interesting ways. The Emmys are not the VMAs where only youth is celebrated, and Taylor Swift. At the Emmys, the male lead who’s 40 isn’t cast opposite the gamine 25 year old It Girl. The women who are the main event at the Emmys are predominantly over 40. Now why isn’t that the Television Academy’s marketing plan? When that’s what you can be proud of, why is Sofia Vergara being objectified on a rotating platform?