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As John Oliver said on the last episode of his show last month, F-ck You 2016. But while 2016 has overwhelmingly laid down more sh-ts than hits, there are some who were able to rise above the hell, a welcome light in a swamp of feces. One of those lights: Kate McKinnon.

Did you know that Kate McKinnon cries, a lot? I learned this about her in a Rolling Stone profile published at the beginning of October that called her the “SNL Weirdo-in-Chief”. Back then, the possibility of Kate, the “first openly lesbian cast member in the history of the show, playing the first female President of the United States was, well, it was still a possibility. During the interview, she cried when confronted with the idea that it might actually happen. Then, as you saw, just 5 days after the election, seated at the piano, dressed as Hillary Clinton, Kate opened Saturday Night with Hallelujah, and tears in her voice. “I’m not giving up, and neither should you.”


My favourite part of that Rolling Stone article though was when Kate talked about getting ready for the new season of SNL which is her sixth. "I always buy new pens and notebooks at Staples," she says with a grin. It’s still fresh for her and you can tell. You could tell this weekend when she brought back her impression of Angela Merkel, the way she delivered that brilliant line, “Ah, yes, in America you call it the ‘alt-right.’ In Germany, we call it, ‘Why grandpapa lives in Argentina now.’”

Kate McKinnon is just getting started. Last week it was announced that Kate will star in an upcoming movie called The Lunch Witch, based on the YA comic books by Deb Lucke. The Lunch Witch works in a school cafeteria scaring kids and cooking scary food. Kate is the Lunch Witch, which means she headlines the movie. Which means that a gay actress is headlining a studio movie. As Nico Lang pointed out in his piece about the news in Salon yesterday, this is a big f-cking deal. Up to this point, Kate’s work has always been part of an ensemble. She now has an opportunity to lead and, yes, to represent. And while she’s certainly not the only lesbian doing great work, Nico notes that “few are making movies that are playing in middle America — the kind your grandmother might happen to catch on AMC a few years from now”. He goes on to cite Ellen Page and Kristen Stewart as examples, both have mostly been involved in smaller, independent projects since coming out, in part because “Hollywood creates extremely few opportunities at the mainstream level for LGBT representation, whether that’s showing a fully realized, out character on screen or casting a queer person in a big-budget production”.

With The Lunch Witch, Kate McKinnon is going mainstream. The only downside is that we have to wait until 2018 to see it.

Attached: Kate at a screening of Office Christmas Party in NYC on December 5, 2016. 

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