There’s a story that showed up on US Weekly about how Princess Catherine is dealing with Hot Harry’s reportedly imminent engagement. According to a royal biographer:

"Kate and Cressida aren't a natural fit, left to their own devices."

The article goes on to say that Kate has been gracious and welcoming and has offered to help “princess” (verb) Harry’s girlfriend maybe soon-to-be fiancé but they’re hitting you at the “natural fit”. Or lack of “natural fit”…stirring the potential for some Royal Girl Sh-t.

The contrasts are evident: Kate is pragmatic and controlled. Also, boring. Cressida is more of a free spirit. And she wears scrunchies while accessorising with designer shoes. Did Fergie just come to mind? There’s definitely a similarity there. And back then, they thought that Fergie was a bad influence on Diana. You think Cressy will loosen up her future maybe-sister-in-law?

Oh I think Katy Cambridge is a lot more rigid. Which is why the dinner party you want to be invited to is not over at her place, but over at Cressida’s. And then it becomes a question of popularity. Cressy’s the “fun” one. While Kate… isn’t.

All Girl Sh-t grows from somewhere.