Both Prince William and Kate Middleton stopped in at her family home in Bucklebury yesterday though not together. He dropped off a small package, she was seen behind the wheel, driving away with her security. This girl is savvy, non? She’s letting us see her when the royal bosses probably want to keep her hidden, and we’re seeing her doing the things she may not be able to do anymore when she becomes a Princess. Well, she’s planned this for 8 years. It’s no surprise she’s being so astute right down to the last moments.

Then… there’s Pippa her sister who supposedly wants to decorate the throne room for the afterparty with glitterballs, much to the Palace’s consternation. Love this so much. Buckingham Palace, the disco!

By the way, here’s a shot of the Mall (remember it rhymes with PAL! I need to keep doing this for when I talk about it on tv) with all the Union Jacks mounted as I was telling you about yesterday – click here for a refresher – that lead up to Buck Palace. Spectacular right? William and Kate will be approaching, on this road, as nine horses pull their carriage, with hundreds of thousands of people lining each side. Can you imagine??? Don’t rain, please don’t rain.

Anyway, speaking of Buck Palace, they’re saying that the Queen won’t be spending the night there. She’ll leave after the afternoon reception and spend the night at Windsor Castle, opting out of the dinner and, obviously, the dance party later on where Hot Harry on a Horse will preside over the festivities. Us Weekly told us on etalk yesterday that Harry’s having something of a slumber party, and he asked his grandma for permission first. He’s also supposedly serving up bacon sandwiches and other snacks to reward those who can stay up all night. Needless to say, Chelsy Davy will be one of them.

Chelsy was photographed in good spirits yesterday on Kings Road picking up a few last minute items. Of course she’s in good spirits. She’s going. And she gets the most exclusive access. When Harry heads over with Will and Kate to St James’s Palace so they can change after the ceremony, Chelsy gets to tag along too. Part of the inside inside entourage. Then, at the afterparty, maybe Harry will hold her hair back if she has a little too much champagne. Lucky bitch.

Photos from Ian Lawrence/ and BEN STANSALL/ and INF