Summoned by the Queen

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It’s been 8 days now since Prince William and Catherine left North America. No more daily photographs, no more multiple daily wardrobe changes. I miss them!

Our next guaranteed sighting of the Cambridges will be in 12 days on July 30 at Zara Phillips’s wedding in Edinburgh. After that, apparently the Queen is so pleased with how Kate performed in Canada that she’s invited her to Balmoral on Her Majesty’s annual holiday. According to royal biographers, the Queen wants to get to know Kate and she wants to start training Kate, especially on matters of staffing. One day, Kate will be the boss lady at Balmoral, and the Queen apparently wants her to become acquainted with the servants. This is very civilised.

So what goes down at Balmoral in August and September when the Queen is in residence? Kate supposedly will be participating in “royal picnics, home-cinema evenings with the Queen and the family barbecues where Prince Philip insists on personally cooking the sausages and steaks himself.”

How I wish I were now a servant. Can you imagine? First of all, Will’s grandfather wearing an apron. Please. And ...

Movie Nights with the Queen?

Does the Queen watch Harry Potter? What if there’s a love scene? My dad used to take me to movies and sometimes there would be love scenes, or kissing scenes, and I remember feeling so mortified sitting next to my dad while watching two people getting horny. Imagine this is happening when you’re a row behind the Queen? Also, are you allowed to laugh if the Queen doesn’t find it funny? I often wonder about the imparting of such information. When whoever it is must pull you aside and give you the tip:

“Now remember Catherine, you are not to laugh unless Her Majesty laughs. You are not to leave the screening room until Her Majesty leaves. You are not to change seats once Her Majesty has taken Hers. You are not to leave to use the facilities unless Her Majesty has been informed. You are not to be loud when drinking from your cup so as to disturb Your Grace.” And on.

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