There are quite a few of you who get quite angry when I don’t gush hard enough about Catherine of William. Or point out how pragmatic and particular she has been about her royal ascent. If that’s you, please click to the next article. It’s better for you. You’ll only be pissy reading this. And I don’t want you to be pissy on a Friday. Go.

Now for the rest of us...

Did you see that interview with the Cambridges in Denmark touring the UNICEF supply centre? Look, I am a SH-T for saying this because she’s obviously nervous but I wish, I wish I could un-see it. I wish I hadn’t stumbled on it when I was looking one day for their televised engagement interview. Because having now had a glimpse of what it’s like when she isn’t fully in control which, TRUST ME, even at the Tesco she is in control, I guess I kinda regret lifting the veil, you know?

What makes it worse is Will’s face. He’s totally annoyed. And it’s sweet that he’s annoyed, but I’m also reading from the fact that he’s annoyed to mean that he knows she’s not great when she’s not rehearsed and prepared. And then you start to wonder about the spontaneity.



No, actually... UN-SEE!