Ten days ago, Queen Elizabeth hosted a reception for world royalty at Windsor Castle. Princess Catherine wore a pink dress with a pleated skirt. Click here to see. The Queen’s annual garden party happened today at Buckingham Palace. And Kate wore the same dress. That is the same dress, right?

A part of me really, really loves her for this. How many times have you stressed about repeating something from your wardrobe even when it’s your favourite item and you feel super confident in it? Kate Middleton, THE FUTURE QUEEN, is making that OK. After all, it’s not like she didn’t remember that she’d worn it so recently. It’s not like this was a hasty decision. It’s not like she only decided this morning what she’d put on to attend Her Majesty’s event. If only that was actually her intent.

This is the part of me that might not love her for it.

Look citizens! I haven’t spent any money on clothes since you saw me last! The press has turned me into a fashion-obsessed lightweight but I’m really not, I swear, because would a fashion-obsessed lightweight repeat an outfit inside two weeks?

Well, this dress apparently cost over $1500. So I suppose that explains the multiple appearances. But it’s so obvious I don’t know why she’d bother. And besides, it’s not like she steps out all the time dripping in Dior or anything. I’m OK with Prince William’s wife spending that much on a dress to wear in the presence of other Kings and Queens as a representative of her Monarch’s family. I’m also OK if she wears something new to hit up the barbecue that her grandmother-in-law is putting on. I mean, who out there is actually comparing Kate Middleton to Jennifer Lopez???

I really wish she’d go easier on the foundation. It’s too much.