It’s a very Kate Monday. Third post in a row about a Kate. I think this is about all I can squeeze out. But it’s a good one.

Everyone wants to know about The Dress. And London is abuzz that the dress will be McQueen by Sarah Burton. Bold choice! If true, that is. The House of McQueen has firmly denied the report, but royal watchers have countered with the argument that if the label really was chosen by the future Princess, they’d have to deny it anyway to demonstrate they can be discreet.

Many find the rumoured McQueen selection surprising though. Kate, as we’ve seen, has thus far demonstrated a rather conservative sartorial slant. I wouldn’t say conservative is a word to describe McQueen, would you? But I really, really do love the idea. Something modern and fresh, unfussy, but able to merge high fashion with the people. After all, you can’t alienate the people. And a lot of people expect a lot of pouf. Last time I was at Lorella’s for a sleepover she made me watch that dumb show Say Yes To The Dress. Goddamn some people have some crazy bridal taste.

In other Royal Wedding news, the Official Royal Wedding Website was updated with new never-before-seen photos courtesy the Middleton Family including a lovely shot of Kate and Prince William on graduation day. He’s wearing a white bow tie. Her hand is around his waist, his placed on top of it. He looks really good, with a lot more hair. I can’t stop staring at it. One of those perfect candid pictures that you know will show up in “Kate & Wills: a love story” books for decades to come. Click here to see more. What do you mean you don’t check that site every day???


Also attached – Kate out for dinner with friends last week. She’s rarely papped these days since his security is now assigned to her. I assume they’ll keep her under heavy cover to get us all jizzed up before the unveiling on April 29th. I mean, yeah yeah conspiracy theory, diversion tactics, bad economy, blah blah blah whatever….

But still OMG, I cannot wait for this event. I cannot cannot wait.

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