It was my turn to take the late shift on live channel hits last night for our network from Westminster Abbey. So it was pretty exciting to be reporting on air during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s arrival and departure from their final rehearsal. Flowers were delivered all day. There was activity inside all day. Then, around 7:45pm, they pulled up, with Hot Harry, and her family, and spent almost 90 minutes inside which, conveniently, is about the length of the ceremony.

Kate looked super relaxed. Maybe even more relaxed than him. And she was glowing in the car on the way out. We all kinda squealed about it from the control room afterwards when we were playing back the footage. After all, happiness is infectious. And she seems super, super happy. Like, she’s ready. It’s game time. She is good to go.

Look at her from earlier in the day, outside Clarence House, which is where she’s been staying, holding a garment bag and some flowers (?), big smile on her face, and a hug for whoever it is she’s talking to. Seems relaxed, right? Well… she may have one vice to steady to her nerves. Something she’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever allow herself to be seen doing publicly. It’s not a rumour. I have a slamdunk source who confirmed it, including the brand. But don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll quit once they’re in their cottage in Wales and trying to have babies.

So tonight, it’s one more sleep, her last before she becomes a Princess…

As the world now knows, the Middletons are spending it at the Goring Hotel. Per tradition, Kate will kiss Will at dusk tonight, and then they won’t see each other again until she’s walking down that LONG ass aisle at the Abbey.

Tiara or no tiara? Hair up or down? Long train or medium train? Smile with teeth or smile with no teeth? Did they write their own vows? Will there be tears? Will Harry giggle at the altar? Will there be a nod to Diana in some way?

I say…

Yes. Down. 10 feet. Teeth. No. No. Of course. For sure.


PS. The official wedding programme is on sale online. This is the programme that every guest inside the Abbey will receive. The announcement was just made this morning. Click here for more information. And there’s a new Testino photo that goes along with it. Click here to see the new black and white photo. It is SO beautiful and Kate's smile is SO lovely, my heart is breaking a little because it reminds me of those famous photos Testino took of Diana that William said are his favourites. (I know you’re all over it Lorella.)

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