The Royal Wedding is in 9 days and Kate Middleton has still not gone underground yet. Smart.

Even smarter, even though she’s to be the most photographed woman in the world, who’d be able to wear anything from any designer, buy exclusively from the most exclusives, she’s still shopping on the high street. Yesterday she hit up Warehouse on King’s Road, picking up a few items that could be for the honeymoon (click here to see her purchases) and today she was photographed with freshly blown out and curled hair leaving Whistles, one of her frequent stops.

I kinda love this about her. And I also love that she’s smart enough to use it to her advantage. All this of course as I’ve been saying for a while – this is a pragmatic girl who has always had a purpose. She will not buckle.


It’s been lovely weather in London lately, hasn’t it?

Please please please stay this way. Especially on Wedding Day. I’m reporting from an outside position (the Duke of York steps) for 7 hours and, well, obviously, my hair.

Photos from Tony Clark/