Catherine Cambridge visited the Treehouse children’s hospice in Ipswich, Suffolk today of which she is a patron where she delivered her first official remarks. We'll come back to this in a minute. First, let's address what she's wearing. Because I hate it. Blue, and boring, and, more importantly, this dress, apparently borrowed from her mother, doesn't exactly look very...royal. The material, specifically. Like, several women wore this on the way to work on the tube this morning, you know? I'm not saying she has to be all tricked out in diamonds and sceptres or anything but Kate's usual high street wardrobe usually presents more upscale than this. And I suppose that's the point. She is the frugal, relatable princess. I'm just saying, from the royal gossip watcher’s perspective, it's just not very exciting.

Maybe she just wanted to be in something old and comfortable on the occasion of her first speech. And how did she do?

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Um, no, she's not lighting anyone on fire with her oratory abilities. Those long, deliberate pauses between sentences, especially the part where she shares that "I'm only sorry William isn't here", which kinda made me laugh, considering she had to wait and read that sincere statement, certainly suggest there was a lot of coaching involved. But her voice didn't waver, her hands were not trembling, and she didn't look like she wanted to throw up. A solid effort then, right? And SOOOOO much better than this.