Catherine of William attended an Olympic exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London today. She wore a Stella McCartney dress, an Olympic rings-themed necklace, and boring pumps. Kate walked around and talked to people and often kept her hands clasped in front of her. Obviously that means she’s pregnant.

No, seriously.

That’s what we’re talking about today.

According to The Daily Beast, Kate now has a “fuller figure” and her breasts are bigger and since the dress isn’t skin tight, the only explanation must be that she’s expecting.

I don’t really see the fuller figure or the bigger breasts. I do see a dress that’s probably a size 0 sliding across her hips because she’s so narrow. And a few photos taken at unflattering angles...

But even if she did have a fuller figure, you were all complaining that she was too thin before anyway after the stress of her wedding year. Is she allowed to be not quite so skinny but also not pregnant at the same time? Or should we just save our energy, cut this discussion short, and collectively grow an eating disorder now? Fine, but I’d like to propose starting on Monday so we can enjoy one last weekend.

My sources tell me Will and Kate’s next royal tour to Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu will happen September 11 to September 19. An official announcement is coming soon. It’s super hot in that part of the world that time of year. Not exactly comfortable for someone’s who’s pregnant. And besides, they would have had more than enough time to cancel it. THAT is the better indication, as opposed to dreaded, irresponsible BumpWatch, of whether or not we’re in for an Heir. If they tap out of that trip, you probably have your answer there. If the trip goes ahead, well, maybe that’s where they’ll decide to conceive.