If you’re in London, you can actually remember The Dress at Buckingham Palace where they have it on display. I’m as royal whorey as the next person but I’m not sure about queuing for hours just to walk past something I can see, with perfect detail, online like a million times. Also it seems spooky.

But how do you feel about the McQueen gown a year later?

Sarah Burton was seen sneaking into Kate’s hotel the night before for final adjustments. And as Kate got into the car with her dad, heading to the Abbey, the Palace released the statement confirming, finally, who had designed the future Queen’s wedding dress.

I still love it. I love it for her. Can you really judge someone else’s wedding dress by your own preferences? Considering who she was becoming, and who she’ll have to be for the rest of her life, and everything she and it will have to live up to, I think the dress was a fine choice. I think it’s a choice that will hold up. I mean, though we all love Diana, we can agree that her dress didn’t hold up, right?

Someone should do a study about that: if a timeless wedding dress design portends a long marriage, and whether or not a not-so-timeless design predicts a short one.