So I know she’s of a certain genre, that we shouldn’t necessarily hold every genre to the standards of Kate Moss. I totally get that. Which is why I won’t bother with the on-stage ensemble, the dress and shorts combination – I’ll just chalk that one up to the fact that I’m too Asian to get country, just like most whiteys don’t understand why Chinese ladies are incapable talking on their cellphones without yelling or, for that matter, driving a straight line on the highway… Fair enough? But the hair has nothing to with the genre. The hair is a decade old. Even worse, it’s decade old Wedding Portrait Hair. Not the bride but the bridesmaid. In a sea-green tulle monstrosity and matching slingbacks with square toes and a BUCKLE on the flat front – THAT is what this hairstyle is and I don’t care what the genre or what the musical inclination…there is never an excuse for bad bridesmaid hair, like, eh-ver.