I can’t. I can’t understand. Maybe it’s just me. I must be a lesser person. But kissing him, his open sores, his crack mouth, his bleeding gums – I couldn’t. Not in a million years could I.

But Kate Moss evidently can. And she wants to. Over and over again she wants to. Over and over again she goes in to mix her druggy fluids with his druggy fluids, even more intensely after a week long trip to the US to promote her clothing line in America.

Sadder still to remember what was. In celebration of the Cannes Film Festival’s 60th anniversary, there are glass case photos propped up all along the Croisette. Images from years past of luminaries and former attendees commemorating the event’s history.

One stood out in particular yesterday: a poignant photograph of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp – I think it’s from this series but I can’t find the exact duplicate online. And in person, along this strip of beach and glamour with the sunlight bouncing off the frame - a throwback to a legendary relationship…the feeling is indescribable.

Their bodies are turned to each other. She is young, she is freshfaced, and she is happy. SO happy. As is he. He is happy and entranced with his girl. And they look so incredible together, as if their faces were carved from the same piece of genetic perfection. Kate is wearing barely any makeup, her hair is pulled back, skin unfettered from drug use, and in her eyes the air of peaceful contentment that comes from simply holding the hand of the man of your life.

So depressing I almost wept.

PS. When I was searching for the picture I can across this one of Johnny and Vanessa. Not the most original comment but…there’s a type here, non?