Shocker! Pete Doherty stopped by police and crack was found in his car, which naturally means he’s using again, and please…save it with the “just because it’s in his car doesn’t mean he’s using” excuse. A person with his history of addiction doesn’t get that close to the goods and not go in for a taste. And still she persists in loving him. Hopefully, one day, like Britney, Kate will get her nose outta his stash. Hopefully they won’t go Sid & Nancy on us all. Because I’m telling you, I would LOVE to see her with Leo. She’s a model, she meets the requirements, and they’re similar in the way that we really don’t know much about what either is really like. Kate Moss doesn’t do press, Kate Moss doesn’t talk, Kate Moss understands that much of modeling is about mystery. Wouldn’t you love to see Leo save Kate?