In a scathing article today in the London Sun, it has been reported that Kate Moss has offerred to defend the McCartney family if necessary against Heather Mills"s ludicrous claims of abuse. Kate apparently called the allegations utter bullsh-t and described Heather as a "f-cking gazelle" - undoubtedly able, physically and emotionally, to hurdle most obstacles, least of all the lack of a bedpan. Sorry…had to laugh at the *gazelle* part. As for Heather"s recent threat to sue those who"ve printed malicious *lies* about her character, the paper also states unequivocally that it plans to *vigorously defend any legal action* backing up their reporting with 6 points underlying the fallacy the Heather"s past claims including her history as a prostitute and a pornographic model. The article also alleges that Heather fabricated past abuse charges with statements from childhood friends disputing her account of abuse incidents and statements from her ex husband who corroborates her reputation for being a *compulsive liar*. Simply put - they are calling her bluff and challenging that money hungry bitch to a full scale public pissing match. As for those who contend that no one would make up such fantasies just for money - if you are willing to accept that people would KILL for money, why wouldn"t you believe that someone would LIE for it? Is taking a life more palatable than painting a phony picture of one? Source