At the NME Awards yesterday, she was scheduled to present but left early instead after Pete was spotted tucking a spoon into his sleeve, prompting security to question him about drug use. Huge fight ensued, she laid into him for embarrassing her, some people say she was sauced as well, everyone thought it’d be best for them to leave…so off they went into the night and someone else had to step in to take her place…or so “they” say. Always reports about HIM using…only very subtle hints at whether or not SHE is using, especially relevant because she has a child and getting caught once again could result in Lila being removed from her home, to say nothing of Pete’s mere presence around an impressionable, vulnerable little girl. Still, I hear she’s determined to save him. And she also feels she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. She loves him, in her mind this is what you do for those you love, and when she threatens to leave him, hoping that will scare him into sobriety, he just threatens to hurt himself right back. Sigh. Sadness. Not fun smut. And sorry to sound morbid but this story will not end well. Source