It"s something that occurs frequently when one tastes fame too soon, especially when one tastes fame in those pivotal years been 16-20. It"s like being frozen in time, frozen at the age of discovery, because without real experiences and proper guidance, what happens is that the subject often remains stuck at the maturity level of the times. For a fortunate few, the consequences aren"t so bad. For too many others, the results can be extremely dangerous. See Kate Moss. According to UK tabloids, she is back together with Pete Doherty. Over the weekend, they were seen kissing and cuddling at a concert. Apparently he"s been clean for a couple of weeks, although I can"t honestly say I"ve been keeping track seeing as he also happens to get arrested every other day or at least it seems that way, doesn"t it? What is it about this junkie that keeps her coming back? Why would an international beauty like Kate Moss persist with such a potentially poisonous paramour? The answer is 17. She"s still 17. The more you tell her NOT to do something, the more she wants it. The problem is, most of us outgrow that phase. But when you"re one of the most successful models of all time, when you are sought after in spite of or perhaps because of scandal, when your career can strill thrive beyond a child and beyond cocaine - from where do you derive your emotional maturity? From Karl Lagerfeld??? I think not. So while it"s disappointing that she"s back with that diseased druggie freak, let"s just be grateful that through it all, he has never contaminated her Goddess-given gift of style. Small mercies, savvy? Photo source