F*ck I hope not. Here"s Kate Moss on stage with Pete Doherty at the weekend, looking a mess and covered with white wine, ciggie in hand as usual, even though some relative of his has conveniently revealed to the UK Sunday Mirror that she"s pregnant. You will note though that both of them continue to suck back nicotine non-stop and perhaps even more alarming, that Pete hasn"t even been clean for a full month which would mean any spunk he produces is undoubtedly laced with every narcotic known to man - not exactly the purest of baby beginnings. So is she pregnant? No clue. Do I hope she"s pregnant? Hell no. I do hope however that Kate considers combining her new singing aspirations with her past pole talents - thanks to Shannon for reminding me of *that* video, directed by Sofia Coppola, for the White Stripes I Just Don"t Know What I Want To Do With Myself, a rather nimble Kate making love to herself and to a pole… two minutes and 40 seconds of sensual skank, which sort of sums up Kate anyway: that perfect combination of just a little dirty Gucci, smudged black eyeliner after a night of too much Moet and McDonalds too, you know what I mean? Click here for the video Source