According to the UK Daily Mail, an intimate New Year’s Day celebration in Phuket, she wore white Galliano, he wore black linen and a signature hat, and while the tabloid has not been able to confirm (at press time) whether or not the proceedings were legally binding, the presence of Kate’s personal assistant, brought along presumably to handle paperwork and documentation, suggests that she has indeed become his wife, with widowhood perhaps a needle away. Sorry to sound morbid, especially at the start of the year…but it’s not exactly a stretch, is it? After all, Kate Moss has married an unreformed junkie, an addicted artist who cannot stay clean for more than a few days. Needless to say, every bump could be his last. But still…on the surface anyway, there is something rather endearing about her devotion, non? Clearly lovesick, borderline obsessed, Kate had Johnny, Kate could have anyone, Kate has never wed, and yet when Kate finally chooses to do so, it is with Pete Doherty, not quite below her station but not AT it either. It is the strangest of romantic matches, tinged perhaps with a hint of contrivance. Some say it goes beyond the simple Rocker/Model formula - that Kate is more aware than anyone else of a potential Legend behind the Love: the new Sid & Nancy for the next generation, and that this knowledge, however superficial, accounts for much of the attraction, at least on her end. However, whatever the case and whatever the motivation, money – nearly $50 million in model earnings – is probably not a major factor, as alleged in the Daily Mail article. Iconic status can’t be quantified, especially one based on possible love after death, you know what I mean? Source