Oh… right. Now I get it. In her neverending quest to BECOME Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan clings to her leggings. Totally makes sense. If I were white, I"d probably want to become Kate too. Either Kate or Giselle Bunchen. Here"s Kate in New York, sucking on a ciggie outside the Mercer. And while everyone"s making a big hairy deal about the fact that Keira Knightley usurped her spot as the face of Chanel, I"m hearing she"s actually laughing her ass off at the fact that with a new Calvin Klein contract, she"s now doubling the amount of money she was making BEFORE the coke scandal. So as much as you"ve been led to believe that Chanel No. 5 was a huge loss for Moss, trust me when I tell you she"s definitely not mourning. But you know who is??? Yes…it"s back to Lohan. Because the only one who hasn"t said no is Donatella. And considering that both Britney and Christina were there before her - it wouldn"t exactly be a coup anyway.