Three photos chronicling Kate Moss’s day for Topshop during which over 2,000 queued for hours for the right to own her “designs”. Others scrambled online – ahem. Am now waiting for the Wet Look Halter Dress and the Sequin Shoulder Tee… you likey?

Sorry, I digress. Back to Kate. Kate leaving her house and heading down to the shoppe, then posing so cheese in the store window as her subjects waited outside, gaping at the clothes, anxious to be let in to spend their money. And then Kate at the end of the night, exhausted by such a taxing day, after reportedly hanging out at Topshop for less than an hour and having to leave because her “nerves” were getting the best of her.

Nerves? Or in a need a bump? Or at little embarrassed at the shameless hawk? Or just lazy as f&ck???