W Magazine is known for making its cover subjects look like weird ass. Yes, yes. I know it"s called edgy and modern. But most of the time it"s just plain ugly. Even Kate Moss has looked less than stellar in W, and for a girl who"s been heroin chic"d and grunged to death, that"s saying a lot. So it was a pleasant surprise when I logged on and saw what a great job they did with Reese Witherspoon. It"s vampier than her norm but she still looks like herself, if not a little naughtier. And I love it. A nice change from the uptight soccer mom image she"s tried so hard to cultivate. Yes Reese - morality and values and self respect and decency is important. But that doesn’t mean you have to bore us to suicide. Unfortunately, the article isn"t worth your time. The best part is actually right at the beginning when her son starts defacing a magazine with Gwyneth on the cover. Couldn"t resist a giggle there. Other than that though, she doesn"t tell us anything new and she makes an obvious point of referring to Ryan over and over again just to assure us that they are convincingly together. There"s also a bizarre reference to her daughter and 2 piece swimsuits. Something about how they"re not allowed in her house and she doesn"t want to give Ava any ideas etc. Strange because I could have sworn I"ve seen her nekked breasts in a completely forgettable movie she did with Mark Wahlberg. Now am I imagining this or has Reese reinvented herself like all Hollywood stars are apt to do? And while we’re at it, looking really, really hot might not be the best campaign strategy for Reese right now. Everyone knows that uglification is a sure way to Oscar’s heart. Felicity Huffman did just that in Transamerica. December saw a significant momentum swing and most insiders are now predicting a Huffman/Witherspoon showdown on March 5th. By all accounts, Felicity’s performance is top notch and given that she’s the sweetest thing about Desperate Housewives, Reese is far, far from locking this thing up.