The source of this report is the UK Sun which can totally be sketch. On occasion though, especially re: British names, they can score, and very accurately too.

According to the publication, Jamie Hince, Kate Moss’s longtime boyfriend, proposed to her in bed on Tuesday night. She said yes, they told their friends, and they had a dinner to celebrate. Something like that. The paper also says that July 2 will be the wedding date which seems like a really quick decision. Not that 5 months is too short an engagement – of course not, who cares how long the engagement is? – but that after proposing on Tuesday night, and it’s only Thursday now, and this story came out almost 24 hours ago, that the couple would have already chosen a date?


Why am I arguing about this?

She apparently made a crack about being the most famous “Kate” to marry in England this year. And their initials are the same too.

Anyway, here’s Kate MOSS in Paris today with a large ring (there’s been no denial about the engagement from her people) that at first she tried to cover, and then just gave up and allowed it to be photographed.

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