It’s the title of a wicked Radiohead song and while it didn’t exactly go down that way, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were about to claw each other’s eyes out at a wedding the other night until Sadie Frost (???) stepped in and settled sh-t down.

But why, Sadie…why???

Kate is apparently not taking too kindly to the fact that Sienna is single white femaling her entire life – copying her style, imitating her drama, and stealing her friends, the latest of which is Rhys Ifans. I totally agree. And I totally believe it.

Again, it’s not the most elegant thing to do but how often have you wished to say these things – say them to that girl who wore white to your wedding, or to that little snot who comes over and tells you it’s uncouth to clink glasses during a toast (wrong, by the way), and to the so-called-friend who finds your boots and then wears them before you do, without telling you she bought them…how often have you wanted badly to just let’er rip just because it would feel so so good.

Kate Moss is a low classy broad for sure but still ….sometimes the moment calls for it.

And don’t think for a second Sienna wouldn’t either. Word is she gave it back good. Am now hoping it was all captured on camera and will end up on YouTube tomorrow. Fingers crossed.