Kate Moss looked amazing last night at the Knightsbridge Topshop launch to preview her new collection. The eyemakeup is great. And the hair for the occasion too. It’s trademark Kate Moss style. She’s the best. She’s a crazy bitch, but for what she wears and how she wears, she’s the best. Her collections however, they never fit me right. I think she hates hips.

This is my 5th year in Cannes. And if you’ve been reading my column long enough you’ll know that whenever I come to Cannes I am always nostalgic about Kate and Johnny Depp. Because those photos of them from the festival in 1998 are all over the place. Goddamn they were beautiful then. Her face was still fresh, and there was a dramatic mystery about them, in part obviously it was the collective gorgessity, but also because neither one would talk much, and that silence led to an irresistible intrigue. Back then I devoured pictures of them together. Every relationship of his is iconic. He shares this quality with Brad Pitt.

I’ve linked to this video of a rare interview with Kate and Johnny before but for new visitors it’s worth a second look. And appropriately he does mention Cannes.

Photos from PATRICK HERTZOG/Gettyimages.com and Splashnewsonline.com