Warning: NSFW!

Did you see that meme that went around after the Royal Wedding? It was taken from an ad from a few years ago. AMAZING, right???

Kate Moss will marry Jamie Hince this weekend. And that will overshadow the Monte Carlo wedding too. It’s to take place at her Cotswolds home. Apparently she’s throwing money at caterers and event planners, trucking in hundreds upon hundreds of bottles of champagne and Grey Goose and Red Bull so that no one goes to sleep. The British tabloids claim that she wants to outdo Kate Middleton.


She doesn’t want to outdo Kate Middleton. She wants to get sh-tfaced with 300 of her friends on a 3 day bender. Come on. People need to have more sense when they’re making up stories. This one that I’ve concocted, for instance, would be much more believable:

Cocaine Kate’s cocaine wedding! Kate Moss has arranged for a massive supply of cocaine to be available to guests at her 3 day wedding celebration this weekend. She has cleaned out every dealer in London and vicinity to ensure that no one will go without a line if they so wish it!

See? Now THIS you buy, right?

Anyway here’s Kate, all smiles, running some errands today. They say she’s remained loyal to John Galliano for her dress. I can’t wait to see it. Is that horrible of me? I really, really wish I could not want to see it at all, but I do; if there’s any one wedding gown I’m desperate to get a look at, it would be hers.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com