The December issue of British VOGUE is all Kate Moss. There are two covers and she was a contributing editor. At one point she’s able to convince her friends, the Count and Countess von Bismarck, to let them shoot inside their home because that’s where all the good parties are, naturally. Click here to see some of the editorial.

Kate does have an eye. And it’s been a career-long collaboration, Moss and British VOGUE. So they’re all excited about this one. It’s a dense issue, it’s a good one to end the year on. And in support of it, she even agrees to a rare on-camera interview. In her living room.

That’s where you just skip whatever I’m about to say and press play. Because she’s a true model in that sense. She communicates through her interpretation of the clothing and seldom with her voice. Which is why, when she does, you’re that much more curious.

Kate is very ladylike here. In fact, while she talks about meeting people at clubs and all the things that happened in a club, it actually just feels like two women in their 40s having a chat over tea while their kids are at school. Kate Moss? Yeah. Kate Moss. Wild Kate Moss isn’t every night now. Maybe just on the weekends. Or whenever Cara Delevingne is around. Cara does have her spirit.

By the way, SHE GARDENS. But that voice. God I’ve always loved that voice.

The VOGUE interview is below. I’m also re-posting the interview many, many years ago with Johnny Depp because there are still some of you who haven’t seen it. And it’s worth it.

Also attached – Kate and Cara in Paris last night at Le Printemps Christmas Inauguration with Burberry.